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Qubit Hub

Catalysing Africa’s AI Ecosystem

How could artificial intelligence help expand access to quality healthcare, education and finance across Africa? The Qubit Hub is set up to explore questions like these. Our new pan-African AI hub aims to contribute to discussions, literature, and experiments on AI advancement to benefit people and communities.

We believe Africa's diverse needs offer fertile ground for innovation. Challenges and unique perspectives can spark creative solutions. By bringing together diverse experts across sectors to brainstorm and experiment, we hope to catalyze AI progress centered on economic inclusion, sustainable agriculture, and responsible growth.

Qubit Africa is an open forum for asking questions, testing ideas and mapping uncharted territory. We focus on research that informs AI application, convenings that inspire fresh thinking, and pilots that roadtest new systems. Join our community of curious changeseekers today!

Our Focus Areas


Charting the Landscape

We conduct extensive research across AI policy, computing requirements, market landscapes and case studies to inform our work. Our studies also push boundaries in core AI domains while ensuring responsibility.


Sparking New Connections

We bring together key stakeholders from across sectors in high-impact summits, workshops and hackathons to inspire creative AI solutions. Thought leadership is core to our mission..



Experimentation in Action

We run pilot projects to demonstrate applied AI innovations. We also build open source tools, datasets and algorithms to enable wider experimentation by students, developers and startups across Africa.